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In the morning, we pack our things, say goodbye to Matthias, his family and the Swiss, and start way to Argentina. Only the Rio Uruguay is still in the way.

Along the Coast of Uruguay

In the port, the check-in happens really fast and we can start to ride the bike after a short time – but where should we go now? We decided on the ship that we would like to see a part of Uruguay before we go down south.

Diary of the Freighter Cruise

We turn around the corner in the port and there she stands, the Grande Amburgo – what a colossus. The preparatory stress of the last few days has finally ended with the arrival in port. Next month, we’ll finally have some time to calm down.

Departure – The Journey Begins

We’ve waited so long for this moment, now he’s here and we can’t believe it. We’re very happy: South America, we’re coming!

About letting go

Who would have thought that it could be such a liberating feeling to give up material possessions? We’ve spent the last few weeks to get rid of everything…

Driving licence in a rush

Yesterday, I have been able to experience the absolutely brilliant feeling that you get when you finally hold your driving licence for motorcycles in your own hands. I’m sure it was the right decision…

Why we’re on the road with four passports

The Passport is the most important requirement to travel to countries outside Europe. And although Germans have the priviledge of owning the world’s most powerful passport according to the Visa Restriction Index 2016, anyway there may be problems with the entry or applying for visas for some countries…

Worldtrip preparations: Vaccinations

“So where do you want to go?”
“Well, we can’t tell yet. Actually, there is no place we don’t want to see. So we would like to have the complete package for all remote corners of the world”
This is how our conversation started with the tropical doctor about two months ago…

Which motorcycle should accompany our worldtrip?

Everyone, who wants to travel the world by motorcycle, has to begin with the question which motorcycle he should choose. So this year, also we have to find a suitable motorbike for our trip around the world.

Riding 2Up Around the World

There is a strange feeling connected to the thought of saying goodbye to everyone you love and everything you’ve known without knowing when you will return. A bittersweet taste of letting all things go for living under constant uncertainty.

What is Moppedhiking?

The name of our blog is underlining the objective of our project: to travel the world combining both of our big passions: riding motorcycle and hiking.

Our trip to Eastern Europe 2016 – Photogallery

Without a schedule and a very low budget, we went though 8 countries in 4 weeks. We saw spectacular landscapes and experienced unforgettable encounters. One does not need to go very far, to discover something new and have a real adventure. Here are some photos from our trip in 2016.