About us


Hi I am Moe, born in 1989 and a student in Marburg. I study computer science and sports for a teaching profession. Before I came to the university, I worked as an IT-Consultant. Besides my studies, I also work for the university as an IT-Administator.

During my time in Marburg, I discovered my passion for motorcycling. I love the feeling of freedom on the road, you can only have with a motorbike. For me, it is the most beautiful way to get from A to B.

Physical activity has always been important for me (yup, that may be the reason why I chose my sports studies ;). I regularly go to the gym, love hiking, surfing, sailing, snowboarding and all other amazing sports you can perform in nature.

In 2011 I decided to buy my first DSLR. Meanwhile, as my interest in photography intensified, I like to call myself ambitious. People are my favorite motive.

I love being on the road as well as the exploration of new spots, cultures and people. For a youth sports association, I organized and accompanied various youth camps like surfing in France, katamaran-sailing and windsurfing at the Costa Brava and a canoe tour in Sweden.