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Expedition into the Andes Part I: Holding on at any Price?

When we start walking with our heavy-loaded backpacks, I’m a little restless. This trek is different than usual. For days, we will be on our own, see no other soul, and follow a largely unmarked path alone with the help of map and compass.

Resistance is Futile

Since we liked the the Fitz Roy track so extraordinarily much, we decide to explore the area around El Chalten a little bit further. At night, the wind is so strong that the deafening noise of the flying canvas lets us hardly sleep.

At Icy Peaks

Even after our stay in Tierra Del Fuego, we stay in Chile for a while and ride through the patagonian wind towards Puerto Natales. Although we have been warned about the wind many times, the stormy conditions do not give us so much trouble.

Tierra Del Fuego – In the Southernmost South

Somehow, it attracts us to ride to the southernmost point of the world that can be reached by motorcycle. Especially because it’s very lonely and beautiful there. So we take the way across the whole island to ushuaia, the southernmost city of the Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego and all America.

The Wonders of Patagonia

We wake up in the middle of the night, because the tent peg of the front apsis disentagled from the ground and the tarpaulin waves wildly. Moe goes outside and tries to burden the pegs with stones.

The Costs of Carelessness

After we managed to avoid the corrupt police checkpoint, we want to get to the south quickly, so that we get there while it is still “warm”. Like in Uruguay, it is also difficult to find wildcamping spots in Argentina, because all land is fenced along the streets.

Along the Coast of Uruguay

In the port, the check-in happens really fast and we can start to ride the bike after a short time – but where should we go now? We decided on the ship that we would like to see a part of Uruguay before we go down south.

Diary of the Freighter Cruise

We turn around the corner in the port and there she stands, the Grande Amburgo – what a colossus. The preparatory stress of the last few days has finally ended with the arrival in port. Next month, we’ll finally have some time to calm down.

Departure – The Journey Begins

We’ve waited so long for this moment, now he’s here and we can’t believe it. We’re very happy: South America, we’re coming!

About letting go

Who would have thought that it could be such a liberating feeling to give up material possessions? We’ve spent the last few weeks to get rid of everything…

Driving licence in a rush

Yesterday, I have been able to experience the absolutely brilliant feeling that you get when you finally hold your driving licence for motorcycles in your own hands. I’m sure it was the right decision…

Why we’re on the road with four passports

The Passport is the most important requirement to travel to countries outside Europe. And although Germans have the priviledge of owning the world’s most powerful passport according to the Visa Restriction Index 2016, anyway there may be problems with the entry or applying for visas for some countries…

Worldtrip preparations: Vaccinations

“So where do you want to go?”
“Well, we can’t tell yet. Actually, there is no place we don’t want to see. So we would like to have the complete package for all remote corners of the world”
This is how our conversation started with the tropical doctor about two months ago…