Our Sponsors


While preparing our trip, we thoroughly researched for good equipment and contacted selected companies applying for a sponsorship. With the support of our partners, we got high-quality equipment, which otherwise would exceed our relatively small budget.

We want to emphasize that we chose all of this equipment ourselves, because we are convinced that it enriches our journey. As this is a partnership, we do not simply get the products for free, but in exchange for our photos, feedback and reports of our trip. The companies may use them for marketing and communication. For reasons of transparency, we would like to propose here in detail, with whom we work together and which products we got.

We thank the companies Triumph Germany, SW-MOTECH, FEISOL, SENA, Modeka, Haix, and Nexx for their trust and support!

The first 21 months of our world trip we rode together on a motorcycle. That was incredibly beautiful and we love our old Tiger unconditionally – still there has been a wish for a long time…

Sometimes we had to experience situations where we would have liked to have a second bike. Be it to be mobile in the event of a breakdown or to have less weight on the bike on particularly difficult roads.

Triumph Motorcycles Germany fulfilled this wish for us. They lend us a second Tiger for the rest of our trip.

Therefore we would like to thank Triumph from the bottom of our hearts for the Tiger 800 XRx Low. This one is much easier to tame for Nicki with her 1.64 meters.

All our belongings are stowed in a high-quality luggage system that has already survived several falls. In addition, further accessories such as protection and ergonomics products, additional lights, main stand, navigation, camera mount and some more (listed in detail in our equipment list) have made our travel life easier.

We owe this to our partner SW-MOTECH. The company from Rauschenberg developes, designes and produces metal- and textile gear for motorcycles. Thanks for your generous support, SW-MOTECH!

The boots of HAIX are ideal for the requirements of our trips. They are not only suitable for adventures on the motorbike, they also have excellent walking characteristics. That is why they are ideal for Moppedhiking!

The boots also have important properties such as stability, water resistance, breathability and refrigeration or thermal insulation. They are suitable for all weather conditions.

We are very happy that HAIX supports us with the models KSK 3000 and AIRPOWER P6 HIGH for our travels. In addition, we have the BLACK EAGLE ADVENTURE 2.1 for the casual days in our luggage.

Before our departure, we have driven to Beckum to get eqipped with suitable Adventure-Combis by our  partner Modeka. It became very clear that Modeka is a family business, which really understands its craft. In a detailed consulting, we got explained how versatile and sophisticated the suits are. It is a good feeling to be prepared to all vagaries of nature.  While (long term-)travelling, you will be exposed to them anyways..

We are wearing the Textilecombi Panamericana as well as the Air Racer Gloves and want to thank Lou for her trust.

While riding, we need to communicate. For us, it is an enrichment to have a high-end communication system on our helmets now.

In days of yore, we had to ride slowly, open the visor and scream against the wind to communicate (this is very nice on cold days…). To avoid this, Nicki rapped on Moes left or right leg to navigate. This was a possible option, but did not work in dangerous situations.

Eventually, we also can produce some small video footage,  because the Sena 10C holds an integrated camera. Another nice feature comes with the Bluetooth Audio Pack. It allows us to synchronise our conversations live with our GoPro-recordings.

Many thanks to Claudia and Sena for supporting us with the 10C and 20S, as well as the handlebar remote RC4 and the Bluetooth Audio Pack.

A good picture tells more than a thousand words. That is why we are always looking for the best images, new perspectives and unique snapshots. Finally, photography – besides writing – is our way to bring our point of view closer to other people.

We have had a long research finding the best tripod for our needs. The most important criteria were that the tripod is lightweight, robust, weatherproof, flexible and compact. All of these aspects complies the tripod CT-3441SB rapid with the ball head CB-40D of FEISOL.

Because we believe this carbon tripod fits best, we got in touch with FEISOL. We are pleased that they provided the tripod for our journey.

Just in time before our departure, Nexx released some brand new adventure helmets and sended them to us. We thank Ricardo and Nexx for the helmets and are happy that we have been among the first to test the Model X.WED2 on the road.

These helmets are real allrounders: You can use them for dirt tracks as well as for rides on the street. They are lightweight, low-noise and have an excellent ventilation system. Additionally, the modular mounts for action cameras are a very cool feature

Occasionally, we describe our gear in blogposts or social media. We do not to this by contractual obligations, however, we believe that our readers are interested in our experiences. We always express our honest opinion and do not get any money for any posts. Our sponsors have no editorial influence on our content.