As a grown up child of adventure, I have always been attracted to the new and the unknown. That includes not only spotive challenges but also the complexity and variety of cultures and world views. Letting myself being drawn into ideas and actions of others comprises a big attraction to me. These special encounters with other people are the ones that can create the most special moments and enrich your life.

I love cooking and enjoying good food with good company. Besides that, I cannot imagine a life without sports. Just before our departure, I also got my driving licence for the motorbike.

Various stays abroad in the framework of volunteering, internships and travels in the Global South affected my life in many ways. The unequal distribution of living conditions and opportunities aroused my interest in developmental topics. That is why I studied International Development Studies in Marburg. Besides, I was working for an association that promotes the inclusion of disabled people.

I have the aim of getting to know the world a little bit better and promoting a general understanding – trying to create a life as beautiful as possible for others and for me. There is so much to discover on this planet. I love to explore it on the motorbike, my own feet and a bed under a starry sky!