A Bike With Overland-Tradition

Triumph Tiger t709

The tiger is a motorcyclye which has continously been refined in regard of travelling. Our tiger was build in 1999. It is the first model with fuel injectionhas 83 hp, 885 ccm and weights 210 kilos. That is truly a lot, but suitable in our opinion, because he has to carry us both and our luggage. We have been loocking quite a while for THE adventure bike, reading a lot and having some discussions with other riders. But in the end, there is no best ADV-bike. Everyone has to find what is best for one’s own requirements and purpose of travelling. We have had our own thoughts about it, that is how we ended up with the tiger.
Not the badest decision for sure. Motorcycle travelling legend Ted Simon also started in 1973 with his Triumph Tiger 100, riding 125.000 kilometers through 45 countries. He wrote a book about his journey, which we can highly recommend to all traveladdicts.

Preparing for long journey, we organized resp. exchanged the following stuff:


What? Why?
Aluboxes Storage of luggage
Scottoiler Longer survival of the chain
K&N Air Filter Less maintainance
Enduro tires Better off-road grip
Headlight protector Protection of rockfall
Accessory socket Power for electronic devices
Heated grips Warmer paws for cold rides
Handlebar risers Higher riding cmfort
Front fender riser Prevents a blockade though mud
Off-road footpegs More grip