The idea

What is Moppedhiking?

The name of our blog…

…is underlining the objective of our project: to travel the world combining both of our big passions: riding motorcycle (in German slang: “moppedfahren”) and hiking. The combination of both makes our travel experience unique.


For us, riding a motorbike is the best way to travel longer distances. In contrast to sitting in a car or an airplane, we are constantly outside, exposed to nature’s caprices. We feel the wind, the sun and the rain. We smell the fields of rapeseed, the dung of farms and the scent of engines on the road. This experience of riding is very special: Sitting on the engine, the throttle control in your hands with only a few centimetres between you and the road.


In addition to the faster sequences of riding, we see hiking as an essential part of our travels, that allows us to slow-down and explore the beauty of nature with our own feet. On the way with one’s own physical force, one experiences own limits and capabilities.

Motorcycling and hiking are very distinctive ways of movement and exploration of landscapes and cultures. They both have their own charm. But what they do have in common is the ability to make you become one with your surroundings. It makes you perceive everything much stronger. The experience of being exposed and to abandon oneself to this way of travelling entails a special attraction. An indescribable feeling of freedom. In contrast to the obligations of everyday life are both an end in themselves: You do it, just to do it.