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Riding 2Up Around the World

An Adventure without Schedule

There is a strange feeling connected to the thought of saying goodbye to everyone you love and everything you’ve known without knowing when you will return.
A bittersweet taste of letting all things go for living under constant uncertainty. For not to know, where you are going to sleep by the end of the day. For not to know, what people you are going to meet. For not to know, when you will come back to see your family and friends again.

What could be the biggest nightmare for many people, triggers a compelling excitement in our hearts. Since we have started travelling on our own, we are yearning for both these moments of pure despair and greatest joy. Emotions that will overwhelm you in large quantities when you are planning to travel 2up on a motorcycle around the world with a tent and a pair of hiking boots in your luggage.

When have we unlearned, to risk something?

By the end of 2017, we will start our motorbike journey around the world right after our studies. One could argue that it is not the best time for such a long trip. But is there anyway a right time to do such a tour in the career-oriented life’s and the prescribed paths of our society?
We do not want to wait any longer although we neither have much money nor security. You can never have complete security anyway. And well, you can have enough money. But how much money you need truly depends on your way of travelling.
Many people who are dreaming of a life changing trip postpone it. Until they have other supposed obligations. Until it is too late.

Let’s risk something

We grasp the chance that we have found each other’s: someone with the same globetrotter’s mind, even the same vision of how life should be.
For our trip, we do not decide on a certain route to follow or a limitation of time on purpose. Only that allows us to be completely free and spontaneous, to engage in our way. We just chose South America as our starting point.

We like to go for the unknown, even unconventional paths. Overcrowded places where many tourists meet are not very appealing for us. With a big portion of greenness, we like to go wherever spontaneous encounters will take us. Getting to know the heart of a country or region is the main objective – to embrace the stunning beauty of our planet we are living in, showing spectacular landscapes as well as the variety of cultures.

If you would like to treat us with something for the 234567 hours of work, because you enjoy our stories: You can give us a roll if you like (guaranteed not to be spent on rolls but on beer).


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