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About letting go

“The things you own, end up owning you” – Fight Club

Who would have thought that it could be such a liberating feeling to give up material possessions? We’ve spent the last few weeks to get rid of everything. It didn’t take us long to realize that we accumulated quite some things over the years…
We were able to sell the things that had a certain monetary value at the flea market, on Facebook and on Ebay. We gave away the rest for free and passed it on to charitable projects.
At first it’s a little weird when you sell the guitar that you learned to play with. Or the books you we’re spending few nights with. For some cases, it was really hard. In such cases, I always asked myself central questions like “Do you really need this?”, “When was the last time you used it?” or “What does it mean to you?”. This helped to let go. It may sound strange, but after a certain time, you’ll develop a routine for it.
When the stuff was gone, I felt a little bit of wistfulness, but above all relief. It’s kind of stressing when you have all this stuff and you don’t know where to put it.
Now the biggest part is gone, we’ve already left our apartment. And we could make a good use of the extra euros. They will certainly help us to cook a meal or fill the tank.

A small box of great importance

During this process, one thing has become very clear: the things that special people gave to me, have the greatest value. Because I connect valuable memories with them. Memories of special moments, beautiful encounters or unique relationships. This can be for example, a drawing, a lighter, a bracelet or a card. Gifts from people I never knew before, but also gifts from people I’ve known for a long time. Everything I can carry on my body will accompany me on my journey. I will keep those things I can’t take with me in a small box. Until I get back. And I am very sure that I will be delighted to open it in a few years. Because I keeps reminding me of what it really matters :)!

If you would like to treat us with something for the 234567 hours of work, because you enjoy our stories: You can give us a roll if you like (guaranteed not to be spent on rolls but on beer).


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