The Adventure of our Lifetimes: 2 Up around the world

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Departure – The Journey Begins

We’ve waited so long for this moment, now he’s here and we can’t believe it. We’re very happy: South America, we’re coming!

About letting go

Who would have thought that it could be such a liberating feeling to give up material possessions? We’ve spent the last few weeks to get rid of everything…

Driving licence in a rush

Yesterday, I have been able to experience the absolutely brilliant feeling that you get when you finally hold your driving licence for motorcycles in your own hands. I’m sure it was the right decision…

Why we’re on the road with four passports

The Passport is the most important requirement to travel to countries outside Europe. And although Germans have the priviledge of owning the world’s most powerful passport according to the Visa Restriction Index 2016, anyway there may be problems with the entry or applying for visas for some countries…

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